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Hackers Failed Again

I stopped broadcasting temporarily investigating a Zero Day exploit I found in Microsoft Windows Update Server and thier Unique Hardware Identification. I found the following servers in the following countries trying to target and exploit my systems and smart phones. After I caught them and published their server locations they stopped. I won't publish my security practices for obvious reasons but this will NEVER happen to me again. I knew windows was insecure but I didn't think hackers can track your unique hardware indentifier without knowing which network you are on and my proof of this tracking has 100% confidence. So in other words as soon as you plug your unique hardware on ANY NETWORK ANYWHERE. Hackers can track your system remotely from anywhere. Before I thought it was you external IP address but that's not the case anymore. The simplest analogy i can use is no matter where you teleport your house to, the hackers always get the gps location as soon as it makes it to the new location. This exploit is clearly from insider knowledge of Microsoft employees as they are clearly using Microsoft domains to exploit the windows activation server to prompt other servers of your new IP address location as soon as it goes online. I won't summarize the way I solved it but if the exploits happen within a domestic United States Server I will report perpetrators to United States Secret Service as they do protect our domestic networks. So for the hackers they better think Twice before Accessing my system from domestic servers or locations, if you are operating your foreign cyber ops in our borders-I will find, your door will get kicked get down by authorities while you are sleeping, you will get arrested and charged and you will go to prison.

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