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Join My Signal Messenger Group, Mister Robots Show Intelligence

Get early alerts and connect with other situationally aware people. Install signal messenger on you iPhone or Android then contact me with the message "JOIN SIGNAL GROUP".

I no longer endorse Team America, there is some sort of in fighting and poor communication issues going on internally. They always ignore new people that join. Their comms and unit cohesiveness test I ran failed with them. They will not help you if there is an issue.

If you are worried about food and survival during these hard times the best resource is the Latter Day Saints church. I promise the Missionaries's will help you out locally. Please contact you local LDS church if you need any help.

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I should be posting more shows soon. I was just interviewed by Sisters in the storm on May 16TH, 2024 which is now on front page of come and check it out!


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