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Can We Track Old Fires?

I can't track Satellite data personally beyond a 3 week window of Fire, they are shooting and moving (orbits). There needs to be historical tracking data provided by a credible Site LIKE NORAD's All the forecasting is in present time and future satellite data. I didn't know this at the time but luckily I Preserved the historical dat within 3 weeks of Maui Fires...otherwise the telemetry data would have been lost!

I need help tracking Satellites around me that have had suspicious fire activity

Working on this!

What do I do to help?

If you are an American and your political local government is a mess, just get a good constitutional Sheriff and join Here

....and of course please donate here , even as little as $5 $10 it REALLY helps getting me encouraged to work on this stuff...I almost gave up until Jeffrey Prather Contacted me as I felt nobody was listening to me.

Earthquakes, Hurricanes?

I only focused on Maui Fire Forensics, the software released only showed a very small part of the picture ... there could be more international satellites from everywhere...but they will have to be large satellites to carry the energy and the nation of origin would have to have heavy payload launch capabilities, and the launch dates have to be within a few years of fires-that alone eliminates A LOT of satellites. I can't vouch for earthquakes, or hurricanes as I only analyzed the NIR or Near Infrared Spectrum.

You have math Errors on your laser's page

Engineers are not factoring in CPA or Chirp Pulse Amplification, I do have some typo's...It's hard seeing math in text for me. I'm working on presentation and even if my calculations are +/- 25% it still validates the idea that there is enough energy in for example Lithium - Ion Batteries that can fit under a 44 ton payload to power high powered lasers from space that can cause devastating effects on earth...I don't need to show you-have already see the results from these unusual fires. The Math and Physics DO Line up.

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