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Elon Musk VS Steve Favis MMA Match

Since SpaceX is all over my website I'd like to challenge Elon Musk to an MMA match, same rules as UFC. If he win's he can get my robotics patent worth $22 Billion. If I win I Get to be CEO of X / Twitter and choose my board of Directors. I'm slightly pissed off obviously (if you haven't noticed) for X Canceling my ads and then restoring the Ads after I filed my lawsuit. Regardless the damage is done and I'll win in court AND teach people how to sue X / Twitter and get their cancel culture money back from lost ad revenue AND ads. domain visited my Domain in 2017 (way before Twitter acquisition) so I KNOW he knows who I am. Dactyl From OpenAI was just research validation of my simulation VS real world training of robotics. This research was done AFTER I filed my patent. When I get to be CEO and choose my board I will find out how many bots are actually on twitter and eliminate Foreign trolls and influence forever. I'll publish all cancel culture bot algorithms.

The Fact that Elon Musk would rather build an inferior robot from scratch than fund me, invest in me, contact me, and ignore me shows a great character defect.

Starship will blow up again because there is not enough cooling. SpaceX Employees, you need to launch above a large body of water. You heard it from me First. I hope when the FAA approves the launch that it doesn't vector off into Texas and hurt anybody. You need to test that on the ocean in the middle of nowhere.

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I should be posting more shows soon. I was just interviewed by Sisters in the storm on May 16TH, 2024 which is now on front page of come and check it out!


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